Jan 042015

holly 420 year 0ld Scottish singer/songwriter and EDM vocalist Holly Drummond. Look out for her new EP “Diving In”
New year’s resolution: more breakbeats!
Just finished this remix which I’m particularly proud of.  I had set out to give this song an oldskool breakbeat vibe and, well, check it! … more info to come …

in the meantime visit Holly’s Page —–> click here

Dec 152014

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About Release
This peak time progressive house song feat mesmerizing vocals from Laura Whiteside has been remixed and transformed into Massive and timeless masterpieces!From all walks of the globe this is truly a release to remember!
we're not alone remix comp benzeena

1. Casati Remix – [Progressive House]
2. Norm Vork Remix – [House]
3. Cue22 Remix – [Progressive House]
4. WILLIAM EKH Remix – [Electro House]
5. H3lloDarkness Remix – [Hard Dance]
6. Coldbeat Remix – [Electro House]
7. Moo Moo Remix – [Progressive House]
8. Animadrop Remix – [Dubstep]
9. Mikey Vas Remix – [Progressive House]
10.Marvin Gate Remix – [House]
11.J.O.X Remix – [Electro House]
12.Disco Mike Remix – [House]
13.Benzeena Remix – [Indie Dance/Nu Disco]
14.Doteman Remix – [Progressive House]
15.Widman Remix) – [Electro House]
16.Syrious Remix – [Progressive House]

Dec 022014

All irony with regards to the title aside! I quote:

❝ Truth & Soul would like to thank everybody that sent in a remix and congratulate the winner of the contest, Benzeena … his unique synth sounds bring a whole new level of danceability to “Just Can’t Win” while maintaining the original message of the track. ❞

Big thanks to Truth & Soul Records in Brooklyn for digging my version of this gorgeous Lee Fields track. The remix has only been up for a couple of hours and it’s getting hundreds of plays! 

UPDATE: 1500+ plays as a featured track on T&S. Chekkit!

Oct 092014
gurl tok logo

We’re Not Alone by Guy Arruda featuring Laura Whiteside’s delicate vocals as re-visited by yours truly with a slightly hypnotic and mellow funky disco feel. I think the minimalist groovy vibe of this remix lends itself particularly well to looping and mangling within a set. There’s some “naked” drums in the coda, which should come in quite handy.

Scheduled for release on the 18th of december 2014 in all major digital stores by San Francisco’s own sleek, sophisticated, sexy and edgy Gurl Tok Recordings. Xmas keeps coming earlier every year.

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